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1. Eldritch Light Lyrics

Eldritch Light Lyrics

Where do you get the nerve to speak on behalf of those chained to heavens Faith has never been sufficient enough to carry this on Take me I'm ready, tear me apart If death is what you seek no one can

2. Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes Lyrics

Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes Lyrics

Spirit of the ash tree Dweller in the oak, Thy realm I wish to traverse; I whisper the ancient verse Whisper the ancient verse Passage safe to earn. Gods of the earth, You who made sylvan breath Hear

3. Eldritch Dark Lyrics

Eldritch Dark Lyrics

Oh, how now? Harvest seeds in summer drown The first of May on the 'morrow's light Yet Gods on high bring ancient night Autumn's frost and winter's balm Have come and gone with arid sun Will they danc

4. Eldritch Mirror Lyrics

Eldritch Mirror Lyrics

The mist rises from the waves It echoes my image Deceptive mirror, eldritch mirage Memory of the stone, ghost mirror The moon has cast its spell Ashen layer on the icy water Perfidious illusion A vi

5. Eldritch Hunger Lyrics

Eldritch Hunger Lyrics

Born from the ancient void Spiritual Dementia Called by congregation Blinded by faith. Reverence and destruction Strife and mass production Bred for mass consumption The perfect race... We are the o

6. Incurably Ill (Live) Lyrics

Incurably Ill (Live) Lyrics

Terrorizing rule Echoes of ruthless shots Men used as mere tools To kill cops Fear of accusing Fault not to be escused Hints are still refused I am waiting for Strates to act and take Revenge, becau

7. Lord of an Empty Place (Live) Lyrics

Lord of an Empty Place (Live) Lyrics

I'm here in I'm living I'm dreaming But you can't see me at all I'm walking close to the wall I'm here in My breathing is my screaming A half concealed look's my boldest Approach to you I talk barely

8. From Dusk Till Dawn (Live) Lyrics

From Dusk Till Dawn (Live) Lyrics

Cruel rays of light tear the dark inside The new day on the town invades my mind A crowd creeps in silence, taking hold of the roads Where I wes king 'til few hours before It breathes the pollution an

9. Bleed Mask Bleed (Live) Lyrics

Bleed Mask Bleed (Live) Lyrics

The mask is standing aside, the mask is noticed sometimes Caught at the first glance cancelled by mind at once The mask allowed him to grow, the mask allows him to show around With no sound, woth no m

10. Ghoulish Gift (Live) Lyrics

Ghoulish Gift (Live) Lyrics

Lost moons of regrets The latest full of secrets Air scents of love Peace faith and warmth A wax temple priestess Tempting sweet kisses... When someone calls Behind a ghostly postless door Shocking h

11. Heretic Beholder (Live) Lyrics

Heretic Beholder (Live) Lyrics

Embodying shadows, I come in your lake Barring my dead shows, I crawl on this rendered earth Young crystal symbol, hung on the wall Parasite idol, virtual upstanding forge Recall flaring light Recall

12. No Direction Home (Live) Lyrics

No Direction Home (Live) Lyrics

We are the age, no restriction shall stop the brave We've got the rage of who's trapped in a fancy cage The rage of the useless scorn of the unaware new born We've got the flame and the fear of the d

13. Scar (Live) Lyrics

Scar (Live) Lyrics

Blowing Palm tress Perfect sunsets Tricked my mind to get my feet wet Tired of lies Pressure rising You're all I have and now your crying Oh I hit you way too low I've gone too far I'm just another s

14. Silent Flame (Live) Lyrics

Silent Flame (Live) Lyrics

Making up my mind I still haven't found a way to crawl away from Hell There's no one that smiles in this house of pain, better to move somewhere else There's no one that tames all these burning flame

15. This Everlasting Mind Disease (Live) Lyrics

This Everlasting Mind Disease (Live) Lyrics

I've Been Too Silent, Here Waiting For Something New I've Changed My Way Of Living, No More Giving, I Gave It All I Kept My Faith And Dreaming, No Complaining, Here I Am So Many Colors Changing, The M

16. Toil of Mine (Live) Lyrics

Toil of Mine (Live) Lyrics

Just like a curse it never ends These crooked days, full of pain again Cursed, a curse that never ends Will, bring me to the end Will I survive, this toil of mine? Or wait until the dark descends? D

17. The Child That Never Smiles (Live) Lyrics

The Child That Never Smiles (Live) Lyrics

The Child That Never Smiles He's afraid of me He won't play with me He's got terror in his eyes He don't laugh with me He just cries to me He's a child that never smiles HOW COME THE CHILD WITH THE

18. Bless Me Now (Live) Lyrics

Bless Me Now (Live) Lyrics

Black and grey is all I could see No sun could make me see clearer Toil and pain, who should I blame? Can? t see my face in the mirror Bless me now Quicksand? s getting higher Bless me now No air lef

19. Reverse (Live) Lyrics

Reverse (Live) Lyrics

You took your risk and then you tried hell ain't far, beware of this game it seems nice, seems cool, it's your favourite pie it's alright, it's okay, it relieves your pain Reverse your pain into hate

20. Standing Still (Live) Lyrics

Standing Still (Live) Lyrics

Just a little more, a little more of this game A little empty space and Why should I ignore, should I waste my time a little more? Stay another more, another more by my side, I've gotta tell you a sto