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1. Get Your Pants Off Lyrics

Get Your Pants Off Lyrics

What do you think, keep going, Bill? Yeah? Ready? Get your pants off Get your pants off Get your hair down Get your rock and roll on Come on, get the Blues Explosion Yeah Oh, my my Look ou

2. Boot Cut Lyrics

Boot Cut Lyrics

But I got buckles on the side I'm gonna get that bank Got to stomp on the blues I'm gonna blow in the dirt Now baby, I dig them shoes You got them on your feet Where did you get them, baby? Com

3. Danger Lyrics

Danger Lyrics

Yeah All right All right now, baby, get a little bit of possession Poke in the eye It ain't easy Is it, baby? You got to go, got to move, got to get this sound Baby, baby You got to soul s

4. Bottle Baby Lyrics

Bottle Baby Lyrics

Yeah Well, I'd like to thank everybody, all the good-looking people at my record label At last I feel I am one of the beautiful Standing up here at the podium holding this fabulous statuette I f

5. Bear Trap Lyrics

Bear Trap Lyrics

Well, I still creep always with my bankroll But I keep it always by my bed At the edge of the mountaintop At the hardest diamond on the plain And I rock You can't move out of my entry Can't ch

7. Bag of Bones Lyrics

Bag of Bones Lyrics

Good morning Everybody got to get up Are you ready for your new career? Need a J-O-B Come on Pick it up Have you heard about? You got to go ask you mother Pick it up Come on And I'm an old

8. Strange Baby Lyrics

Strange Baby Lyrics

When I get to my baby I get some kind of crazy thrill Do you remember talking silly? Oh so pretty, oh, nine thirty, Capitol Hill Like a church bell ring You struck me loud and clear You put some

9. Unclear Lyrics

Unclear Lyrics

I lost my way in world With the crazy drum Messed up beat on the guitar All together falling down the stairs First I got it in the ear Then I got it in the back Now I got it in the knees But it

10. Black Thoughts Lyrics

Black Thoughts Lyrics

Yeah, curse my life and look what we get I find myself thrown in the clink and caught in the spindle A million miles from home and family Marooned here, stuck without a friend Met a cabin boy and

11. Ice Cream Killer Lyrics

Ice Cream Killer Lyrics

Yeah You're riding like crazy Baby Don't you fall off that bike Easy Be careful 'Cause I need you I'm standing down by the edge All right Careful at the traffic light Yeah I'm always look

12. Black Mold Lyrics

Black Mold Lyrics

Yeah, storm is a-coming A-coming down This whole planet Is getting warmer I said, check the end-a Channel seven may predict Prediction they're making Get your mop and a bucket He said Bad wea