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1. Anywhere Georgia Lyrics

Anywhere Georgia Lyrics

Her Daddy was a preacher man Use to smile when he prayed And he'd hold them in his arms and whisper "Bless this child today" Now she works in the city Tired arms and bleeding hands Money's so hard to

2. Where I Belong Lyrics

Where I Belong Lyrics

Cut my throat just to breathe Shared your clothes to see what was underneath Find it hard to believe That all of my prayers Are standing right in front of me When our hearts are heavy And they're beat

3. Caroline Lyrics

Caroline Lyrics

Life ain't easy When you're down on your knees Prayin' for someone to set you free Well I've prayed for angels And I've prayed for rain Now I'm prayin' Bless the hand that's holdin' me Oh, sweet Car

4. Your Heart Must Be Tired Lyrics

Your Heart Must Be Tired Lyrics

Well your eyes were weary And your face is long So is the road you've been traveling on What you've been running wild on Busted soulI want know, just what makes you go Why you choose, to love him so W

5. Bring Your Weary Soul to the Altar Lyrics

Bring Your Weary Soul to the Altar Lyrics

Oh mother, where can I go With my pain oh, and my sorrow And sister, where can I turn With my head hung down so low And brother, who will deliver me From the worries of tomorrow Bring your weary soul

6. Lovesick Misery Lyrics

Lovesick Misery Lyrics

Got a smile on You're lookin' at me While I stand there and watch In lovesick misery You're staring me down But you can't see That I stand there and watch In lovesick misery Oh, well I find That lov

7. Til My Days Are Through Lyrics

Til My Days Are Through Lyrics

My love for you is as wide as the day is long And your love for me is the reason I carry on No need for worry to weigh heavy on your mind Cause I don't worry you're there when I close my eyes So don't

8. Take Your Leaving Slow Lyrics

Take Your Leaving Slow Lyrics

When the romance is there, when there’s nothing to wear, just each other’s warm, Southern skin. And this, I am certain, That if you just close the curtain, I can make you - call my name again

9. Elevate Lyrics

Elevate Lyrics

white light the occasional rain your body elevate elevate be honest are you careful with your heart? elevate elevate it's coming for to get you and it won't stop til you do it'll lie just to have yo

10. Somewhere Lyrics

Somewhere Lyrics

Somewhere I wanna go there I wanna go there with you Your light is my witness Oh and your tears are my storm And your grave is my enemy Oh and your skin is my form Somewhere I wanna go there I wanna

11. The Weight of Us Lyrics

The Weight of Us Lyrics

There are theives, who rob us blind, and kings, who kill us fine, but steady, the rights and the wrongs invade us, as innocent song. I'm not ready, I'm not ready For the weight of us, for the weight o

12. Quiet Ye Voices Lyrics

Quiet Ye Voices Lyrics

somewhat safe inside the beds we made, beds we made something out there awaits for us, for us it really doesn't matter quiet ye voices, quiet dark was the raging sea you cried, steady us. waves of s

13. Misdirection Lyrics

Misdirection Lyrics

I get cold in the quiet Against the sound of the sleep The night is young and discomforting So bring on the fire And the weighted love And the misdirection of this holy dove Cue the pilot That bring

14. Nearly Summer Lyrics

Nearly Summer Lyrics

Look at you With your black hair Down Turn the radio up So we can feel the sound You're blood was pumping As fast as the car we drive Said lets get out of here Leave it all behind Oh it's you and me

15. I'm Gonna Make It Lyrics

I'm Gonna Make It Lyrics

Where there's a will, there's a way I'm gonna see a brighter day Better believe me when I say I'm gonna make it I'm gonna set my mind free From whatever my troubles be Believe me, I'm gonna make it I

16. Fighter Pilot Lyrics

Fighter Pilot Lyrics

Fighter Pilot, send your fire deep into the night overseas and into sleeping, chests and buildings tall. They wave their flags but you won't see them for men weren't made to fly. oooooohhh oooooohhh

17. Search and Destroy Lyrics

Search and Destroy Lyrics

Summer sailed in Filled my mind you see Colored my skin I must say Saw my wings with the bodies in the gutter Feel my kiss, now say not a word Knowing my hands they'll shake like crazy Some just pray

18. Smalltown Boy Lyrics

Smalltown Boy Lyrics

You leave in the morning With everything you own In a little black case Alone on a platform The wind and the rain On a sad and lonely face Mother will never understand Why you had to leave But the an

19. The Hideaway Lyrics

The Hideaway Lyrics

Come down, come down from your hidaway. Didn't I, Didn't I come for you the right way. Come down, come from your hidaway. Didn't I Didn't I come for you the right way. Come down Come down from your hi

20. Soldier Lyrics

Soldier Lyrics

i don't understand wanna wait to see what you do there's blood on the street there's blood on the street got time on my hands there's blood on the street i don't want to wake you up i don't want to m