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1. America For Beginners Lyrics

America For Beginners Lyrics

Toyah Minx America For Beginners (Skaith/Jones) What's keeping the White House white Is it chalk, is it fog, is it fear Are they staying up most of the night Sending somebody out for a beer Is

2. I'll Serve You Well Lyrics

I'll Serve You Well Lyrics

Toyah Minx I'll Serve You Well (Willcox/Darlow) I'll serve you well, be your western girl Tailored, silent, the oyster and the pearl Soft young flesh, master's so mean He's shackled my ankles, h

3. War Boys (Bonus Track) Lyrics

War Boys (Bonus Track) Lyrics

We're the lords of the jungle We're the war boys, We're the ones who make all the noise. Lay-oh Lay-oh Lay-oh Layay man tey sa-ra-rai Lay-oh Lay-oh Lay-oh Layay man tey sa-ra-rai Up with the dawn, I

4. Soul Passing Through Soul Lyrics

Soul Passing Through Soul Lyrics

Toyah Minx Soul Passing Through Soul (Willcox/St James) It's lonely in my nightmare What do you dream That I've been here and you've been there Scenes were forseen kissed you in the rain once b

5. School's Out Lyrics

School's Out Lyrics

Toyah Minx School's Out (Cooper/Bruce) Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys Makin' all that noise, cause they found new toys Oh we can't salute ya, can't find a flag If that don't suit

6. World In Action Lyrics

World In Action Lyrics

Toyah Minx World In Action (Bogdanovs) Where will you go, when the sirens blow? Will you run helter-skelter, in search of a shelter Or will you lie low? Will you sit there clutching at your luck

7. Don't Fall In Love (I Said) Lyrics

Don't Fall In Love (I Said) Lyrics

Toyah Minx Don't Fall In Love (I Said) (Willcox/Darlow) The lovers are dancing like a fairy tale Their public romancing seems so unreal But they don't need it, can take or leave it It's too easy

8. All In A Rage Lyrics

All In A Rage Lyrics

Toyah Minx All In A Rage (Willcox/Bogen) Just the same old world in a new dimension All pent up with a few more tensions Sleepless mouths, restless feet Waiting to enter dead end street Too m

9. Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love Lyrics

Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love Lyrics

Toyah Minx Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love (Willcox/Lee) In my dreams there's a sleeping hunger The instincts of a hunter We raise our fists as one to the power of the gun Are you sinner

10. Vigilante Lyrics

Vigilante Lyrics

Toyah Minx Vigilante (Bogdanovs) Deep in the city, far from home Down in the alley, where the white boys roam Feel that razor kiss your face Mindless violence, unsolved case Start the engine,

11. Space Between The Sounds Lyrics

Space Between The Sounds Lyrics

Toyah Minx Space Between The Sounds (Willcox/Darlow) The sounds are asleep Motionless waters on a cobbled street Entwined like the double helix The silence speaks Shady faded city lights Dar

12. Sympathy Lyrics

Sympathy Lyrics

Toyah Minx Sympathy (Stansfield/Kassinetti/Gould/Ashton) When you climb into your bed tonight When you lock and bolt the door Just think of those out in the cold and dark Cause there's not enoug

13. Over Twenty-One Lyrics

Over Twenty-One Lyrics

Toyah Minx Over Twenty-One (Kajanus) You get my letters But I don't understand your reply But I'll be there west of the wall At the (Romeha?), I've got to try wanna see you, then you ask me w

14. The Show Lyrics

The Show Lyrics

Toyah Prostitute The Show As you sleep in our bed In my arms I see I dying man You will always be What you will be Ready to take Waiting to recieve I'm the object in your life called wife Stru

15. Remember Lyrics

Remember Lyrics

Toyah Love Is The Law Remember (Words Willcox / Music Bogen/Darlow) Everything and Everyone Everything and Everyone I have ever loved Has been taken from me And I'm not taking it anymore Can

16. Elocution Lesson (The Door Is A Whore) Lyrics

Elocution Lesson (The Door Is A Whore) Lyrics

Toyah Anthem Elocution Lesson (The Door Is A Whore) (Words Willcox/Music Bogen) The door is a whore And it's open wide Naked as the beast You peep inside Emotion's an ocean In which to hide

17. Wife Lyrics

Wife Lyrics

Toyah Prostitute Wife (Willcox) This is your five minute call five minutes ladies and gentlemen thank you Where's my lunch? Where's my fucking lunch? Big big tears By the bright blue sea A

18. Restless Lyrics

Restless Lyrics

Toyah Prostitute Restless (willcox/sidelnyc) Well you know I've been dloating here for hours Just like this Suspended gently swaying like a pendulum Look, no strings attached There's the odd in

19. Vale Of Evesham Lyrics

Vale Of Evesham Lyrics

Toyah Prostitute Vale Of Evesham (willcox) I can feel summer at last from the heat In the red-brick city The evening light pulls a veil of linen Over the night time Life's a gas Will I walk th

20. Obsession Lyrics

Obsession Lyrics

Toyah Prostitute Obsession (willcox) Baby, baby, baby, baby 1, 2, 3 Oh never mind my heel of my shoes Into your paintwork Shattering determination Brick thoughts crumble